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Many of the most common, potentially debilitating and life-threatening diseases we suffer from in the UK today can be improved, or avoided altogether, by making different lifestyle choices.

This website is designed to help you understand the impact of lifestyle choices on health and wellbeing, take control of your health and support you in making positive changes to your habits and behaviour.

We are Health Exchange – a social enterprise dedicated to empowering and motivating people to achieve better health. We know it can be really difficult to change, but we are experts in supporting people to improve their lives step by step.

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    Celebrating 10 Years of Improving Health in Communities
    Celebrating 10 years of improving health in communities Can it really be 10 years since Health Exchange started?  It’s been a challenging and exhilarating journey – and one that looks set to continue as the need for health information and innovative solutions to health challenges becomes more pressing with NHS...
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Reduce Stress with Tai Chi!
Here are some Tai Chi exercises you can do at home from the Lung Institute: lunginstitute.com it’s also a great way to reduce stress!

Facts and figures

A randomised control trial has revealed that Tai Chi can significantly improve lung function in people with COPD, compared with other forms of exercise and no exercise (NHS Networks). Our COPD programme regularly includes Tai Chi sessions as a way of helping to improve the lung function of our clients.

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    EC Health is a unique approach to health care for older people.
    Living Well Taking Control is a Type 2 diabetes prevention programme.
    Our corporate website provides more information about who we are and how we work.
    Our Workstyle services help employers to understand and improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

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